All licensed Social Workers are required to complete the requisite number of work-related training credit hours, continuing education (CEs) for their license level prior to your renewal expiration deadline. Licenses will not be renewed until you can demonstrate your compliance with the requirement.


Code    Class      License Type                                                            Renewal Fee    Renewal Starts            CE Credit Hours


SW             1       Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker        $82.00                1-Oct/EVEN YEAR              30 CE

SW             2       Licensed Certified Social Worker                              $68.00               1-Oct/EVEN YEAR              20 CE

SW             3       Licensed Social Worker                                              $54.00               1-Oct/EVEN YEAR              15 CE

SW             4       Licensed Social Worker Associate                            $42.00               1-Oct/EVEN YEAR              10 CE

The renewal frequency is biennial (every 2 years) starting October 1st on even year.

Further requirements include:

All licensed providers must comply with the MGL, Chapter 260, Sect.9 regulation An Act Relative to Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence, (2014) training in order to renew their license.

  • MA Boards have utilized MA Department of Public Health (DPH) to develop an online free training for all providers. The course does offer 2 CE Credits, and there are other DPH approved, fee-based courses available for CE Credits.  See Course Description

  • Simmons University offers MA Chapter 260 Training on Domestic & Sexual Violence; 3.5 CE Credits available for $55.00. Contact Simmons University at: (professional development)  See  Course Description



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